Route from Hotel Mesón La Posada del Conde to Ruinas de Bobastro

History lovers have the opportunity to visit in the surroundings of our Hotel Mesón La Posada del Conde, in the area of El Chorro (Málaga) and El Caminito del Rey, the Ruins of Bobastro, an old town where Omar Ben Hafsún, after revolting against the Emir of Córdoba, established the capital of his domains by surrounding it with a group of small fortresses in the mountains that surrounded the city defensively, becoming a place that was impregnable for nearly half a century..

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Here, in the dam of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir, the “Armchair of the King” made of stone is a mandatory visit and where King Alfonso XIII on May 21, 1921 signed the act of completion of the works of the Conde de Guadalhorce reservoir. After this stop we will resume the march, following the Local-MA-5403 road, a quiet road but with numerous curves, which will give us a great landscape throughout the tour. Just at the roundabout next to the Visitor Center of El Caminito del Rey (3 kilometers from the door of the Hotel Mesón La Posada del Conde) we will turn left (if we continue straight on we go to Ardales and the road that joins Malaga with Campillos), towards the Los Gaitanes and Álora, by the local road MA-5403.

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We will remain on this road until we reach a crossroad 2.7 kilometers away, where we will join the local road MA-448 that will take us directly to the entrance to the area known as Ruins of Bobastro, where we can leave the vehicle and where we will access by a path.

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This route, which has 9.5 kilometers, and that we can do in about 20 minutes by car, is also ideal for cycling enthusiasts, who can do it in approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. To reach this interesting area, and starting at the Hotel Mesón La Posada del Conde, we will take the local road MA-5403 towards Ardales, passing (a few meters from the hotel) through the crown of the Conde de Guadalhorce Reservoir, where we can enjoy spectacular views where we will see an incredible contrast between the blue of the reservoir water and the green of the vegetation that abounds in the area and that we will hardly forget. .

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